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Need a big confidence boost?

Most people have confidence issues on a regular basis - for some people they are fleeting problems, for others that may be more long-term. From successful celebrities to everyday workers, confidence can and does elude us at on certain occasions.

The thing that sets the 'seemingly confident' apart from others is the strategies they employ to overcome the nerves - or to use them to their benefit.

Boost Your Confidence is about how to move from your comfort zone to the place you need to be to achieve more in your life, such as in presentations, meetings and job interviews. This DVD will show you how the step by step techniques to take your life to a whole new level.

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What's in the pack:

Boost Your Confidence DVD
Audiobook CD for iPod or car
3 Month Money Back Guarantee!

Proven Results:

  • Enjoy meeting new people
  • Present with confidence
  • Feel confident at interview
  • Handle crowds with ease
  • Learn to love yourself more
  • Be happier in your skin
  • Be more successful


Lack of self confidence is public enemy number 1. This issue is blighting so many lives today.

This is shown up in the huge dependancy on anti depressants, alcohol and various other stimulants that we hide behind to help us deal with our insecurities.

My name is Stephen Conway. Thanks for visiting the site.

I spent 15 years as a recruiter for some of the world’s leading brands including Gillette, Colgate Palmolive, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Microsoft, AT & T, Cable & Wireless, Disney, and Nokia.

During my time in the business, I have seen so many people suffering from low self esteem. I too have suffered from a lack of confidence on many occasions during my life and career.

That is why I put this DVD together. I have interviewed top experts and confidence coaches giving their collection of the BEST tips, techniques and advice available. These people have helped thousands of people overcome their low self esteem and shown them the way to a happier and more fulfilled life.

About the DVD

Having already produced 4 of the best selling career DVDs in the UK, I now always ask my customers what titles they would like to see next. How To Boost Your Confidence is the most requested DVD to date.

This DVD set consists hundreds of tips and techniques, delivered by the leading industry EXPERTS themselves. It is suitable for all levels, whether you attending an interview or just meeting new people tonight at a party.

Whatever your confidence challenge is - allow our experts to show you the strategies for an exciting new future.

Chapter Contents

  • What is Confidence
  • The Media
  • Dealing with Negative Friends
  • Meeting New People
  • Negative Self Talk
  • The Secrets to Positive Self Talk
  • Mastering Your Emotions
  • Victim Mentality
  • Dealing with Setbacks
  • Attracting Wonderful Opportunities
  • How to get People to Love You
  • Making Yourself Feel Wonderful
  • Achieving What You Want
  • Taking Action
  • Feeling The Fear
  • Having a Purpose
  • Confidence Techniques
  • Who can help?
  • Body & Mind strategies
  • Self Improvement
  • Celebrating Success

Good luck, and please email me with your successes.