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Please note that this price is for private home use only. If you intend to purchase this for training purposes you must call 01722 782 200 for licensing information.

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Can I use these DVDs for training purposes?

If you are a college, recruitment agency or careers advisor, or anyone who plans to use these DVDs as a training tool, you MUST apply for a licence. Please call us on 0845 859 7777 for more information.

Do you post abroad?

Yes - we can send to nearly every country in the world.

Are you bringing out any future titles?

Yes we are. We will be bringing out a fuller range of consumer based training titles in the near future. Keep your eye on Cavendish Films for future announcements.

How safe is the payment method?

We use Sage Pay & Paypal which are two of the most secure (and well known) payment sites in the world.

Can I play this DVD in the US?


Who are the so called 'experts'?

As the promo indicates - we have brought together a selection of Managing Directors, Best Selling Authors, Hiring Managers, Trainers and Headhunters who are some of the best in their field. By doing this we give you opinions from all sides, giving you the best choice.

How quickly can I receive the DVD?

While we cannot guarantee the postal service, most UK customers will receive it next day. Otherwise we should have it to your door within 7-10 days pretty much anywhere in the world. We managed to get a copy to a customer deep in the 'outback' of Australia in under 8 days. If you are in a hurry though you can watch it online with the Bonus Pack

Why should I buy this DVD rather than a book?

We have found from the feedback from so many of our customers that this method of training is a really powerful and fun way of learning. It's really easy to take in the information too, and you can return to the various chapters again and again. However we have also included an e-book and audiobook version of the DVD to supercharge your interview success.

Do you support any charities?

Yes. The charities we have supported so far are:
Poppy Appeal
Tree Aid
Morning Star Salisbury
The Trussell Trust
Children In Need

Will it play in all DVD players?

Yes, however if you have a problem, let our customer service team know, stating which format your DVD player is and we will send you another copy.

How successful have these methods been?

We have countless letters and testimonials from candidates who have found fantastic results, resulting in more confidence, better jobs and ultimately happier lives.

How can I contact you?

Click here